Cary Table Tennis Association

Basic advice on tournaments

This page is for the first time/beginner tournament player. 

 Cary Table Tennis Association (CTTA) runs monthly tournaments and an annual tournament called Cary Cup. Each tournament has an entry form and information sheets that give event details. Cary Cup as well as our local tournaments are USATT sanctioned. USATT (USA Table tennis) is the governing body and to participate in any sanctioned event you will need to  purchase a USATT membership or if you have never played in a tournament you can purchase a 'one time player pass'. The USATT membership & player pass fees are published on every sanctioned events entry form. Just submit your membership fee with your entry and we will process your membership for you. For any USATT tournament everyone must pay the USATT rating fee of $7 per sanctioned tournament, this fee is also on every tournament's entry form. Click here for everything you ever wanted to know about your first USATT tournament

Now you are on your way to being a USATT member you will have to choose which events to enter. By printing out the current entry form you can see what is available. Most of our monthly tournaments are open to anyone of any ability, any event that has "Open" in it's title is open to anyone or any ability. Don't be shy to come to one as a first time tournament player as EVERY player started as a beginner at one time, most were adult beginners.

Tournaments are made up of one or more events. Each event has its own title describing what kind of event it is.The event title might be age specific such as under 18 years or 30+ years. Events can have ratings in their titles such Over 1750. These rating titles set the boundaries of who can enter eg: over 1750 would be for advanced players with a USATT rating of over 1750. Under 1400 is beginners through players that have formed good basic skills. If you are a beginner an event like Under 1400 is great place to start.

If you've never been in a USATT tournament then you wont have a rating when you enter your 1st one. Just put an estimate on what you think your rating is or just note you don't know. Your play in your first tournament will establish your true rating which will be published by USATT on their website and you can look it up 2-4 weeks after that tournament. Here is the page you can find your rating on  once it is published, just enter your last name in the box.

To get a better idea of your estimated rating just go to any table tennis club/open play and ask someone there to play with you for a bit and they can give you their best estimate. Locations of clubs can be found on the USATT web-site or come to one of CTTA's open play evenings

Tournaments typically use 'sponge rackets' unless otherwise specified eg: hardbat or sandpaper in the event title means those types of rackets are being used. Search the web for better advise on the different types of rackets as well as to identity what type you are playing with.